COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines

EFFECTIVE 1 JULY 2020 in accordance with State of Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines

Louisa Area soccer will follow the recommended guidelines set forth by the governor to ensure the safety of all players.  Should we move into another Phase Louisa Area Soccer will adjust guidelines and restrictions accordingly.

Parents will be responsible for taking their child’s temperature prior to practices and games.  If child has a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit the child will not be allowed to participate.  If a child or parent or any member of the household is infected with COVID-19 the child will not be allowed to participate for 14 days.  This is to ensure the safety and decrease the chance of spreading COVID-19 to other players.

For individuals who test positive for COVID-19 during the season, they will need to provide a written confirmation of COVID-19 negative status for participation to return.


Only one team will be allowed to practice on a field at a time.  Teams will have a one hour practice time limit, and players and parents must be off the field prior to next teams’ arrival.  The team practicing after another team must remain in their vehicles until the field is cleared and their coach requests them.

There will be designated rest spots per child to keep their water bottles, and other equipment safe.  Players will maintain social distancing while on the sidelines for water breaks and rest.

Coaches will maintain a safe distance from players.  There will be no physical contact between coach and player.

Parents will maintain a safe distance from designated playing area and players.  Parents will maintain social distancing as required by governing bodies.  

Soccer balls, cones, and pinnies will be disinfected/washed after each practice use.

Each player must have their own soccer ball and equipment, including goalie gloves.  Each player must provide their own water; there will be no sharing of cups or water bottles.  Players can bring their own disinfectant wipes, however it is recommended players wash their hands before/after each practice session.

During training, handling the ball should be limited as much as possible, with the exception of the goalie who MUST WEAR GOALIE GLOVES at all times.


Games will be staggered to eliminate congestion and crowding.  The two teams playing must be off the field before the next two teams arrive.  If there are an odd number of teams, the team that is playing a “double game” MUST WASH THEIR HANDS PRIOR TO THEIR NEXT GAME. It is recommended players wait in their car until the field is cleared and or until their coach requires them.  Players and parents must leave the designated playing area right after game in order to maintain social distancing requirements.

Spectators will remain apart from players and maintain recommended social distancing set forth at time of games.  Families within the same household may sit together.  It is not mandatory to wear a face mask outside, however all members associated with LASA will respect the rights of others who choose to wear one. 

There will be designated player spots set 6 feet apart for each player to ensure safe distancing when not in play. Players will use their own towels, water bottles, hand sanitizer and keep in their designated area.

Coaches will stand 6 feet apart from players on sidelines.

There will be a soccer ball designated for each playing field. The ref will disinfect in between halves and at the end of the game.

There will be a designated hand washing station.  Please stand back 6 feet to ensure safe distancing.

There will be no concession stand.

There will be no end game snacks shared with players.

There will be no trophies handed out this season.

· Per Virginia Governor’s Office, matches are permitted during Phase 3

Players and parents are aware that we must comply with the Governor of Virginia, CDC, Youth Soccer and other government agencies, and while we are currently in Phase 3 the playing guidelines are subject to change.

Effective 1 July 2020, if Louisa Area Soccer is cancelled at any time during the season or prior to games starting, 15 August 2020,   due to Governors Executive Orders NO REFUNDS will be granted.

If the state of Virginia gets pushed back to Phase 2, Louisa Area Soccer will postpone season.  This may require an extension of season or start date.

If Virginia gets pushed back to Phase 1 Louisa Area Soccer will cancel the remaining season.

If or when Virginia moves forward into Phase 3 beyond or Phase 4 and the CDC has recommended new safe to play guidelines, Louisa Area Soccer will comply the new changes set forth.